What are Cyber Alert School:

We strongly believe, Child online protection and safety is every child’s right and every adult’s responsibility.

The Cyber Alert Schools Programme presented by HDFC Bank Parivartan, is a unique attempt to make children, parents, teacher and school leaders within 25 educational institutions aware about their online behaviour and ensure every stakeholder in their institution is cyber alert and safe online. Literacy and education about the threats of the online world, would only safe guard children and adults from online distress and eventually make them Responsible Netizens.
Through this 4 month programme, we hold interactive sessions that empower children and adults with technical tips to understand and secure gadgets in order to enable creative and constructive use of technology to promote cyber wellness. The sessions sensitise children and adults about impacts of social media, apps, gadget addiction, gaming, gambling, pornography and age inappropriate content; highlighting psychological impacts and legal implications of irresponsible online behaviour.

Area of intervention : H ward

Number of schools : 25

Participants : 25 Principal's, 650 teacher, 5000 parents and 20,000 students.

Duration of the prog : July to October, 2018

  • 1. Understand students knowledge about online safety before our sessions.

  • 2. Understand user trends of children and adults.

  • 3. Visible increase in knowledge about online safety and child online protection among students after our session.

  • 4. Shift in attitude and online behaviour to use internet safely and responsibly.

  • 5. Parents being equipped to understand online distress and follow safety norms.
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