Child online protection is every child's right and every adult's responsibility.

Dear Friends,

The movement ‘Responsible Netism’, initiated by Ahaan Foundation, is the only Non - Profit in Maharashtra committed to the cause of Child Online Protection. having its presence since 2012. This movement was initiated to ensure every child is safe online and every adult is educated to protect their child in cyberspace, thus encouraging Responsible Online Behaviour. We have successfully educated over 8,50,000 students, parents and educators since inception making them cyber smart and safe on the internet. Our initiative has also been acknowledged by the Ministry of Education Maharashtra and the Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Nagpur, Aurangabad and Kolhapur Police, and Cyber Cell.

While technology is the most emerging need of the hour, it has overpowered our lives and our lifestyles. Be it, infants or senior citizens, we are all mesmerized with the power and the advancement of technology. Very often this state of awe blinds us towards safety measure we need to imply while navigating in the world wide web. The internet is immense power, we believe, power brings in Responsibility. It is therefore essential to provide netizens, especially children a cyber safe environment.

Our online safety education programs within educational institutions highlight 4 crucial elements to provide a 360-degree approach towards cyber wellness for children and adults. The 4 dimensions are:

• Mental well-being in cyberspace – understand the psychological impacts of irresponsible online behavior, internet, gaming, social media, pornography addictions, and related issues
• Cyber Law – Understanding the legal implication of cyber-crimes and their implications on children and adults.
• Securing systems – Helping netizens understanding techniques to secure devices and systems.
• Be Cyber Smart and Safe – empower them to first protect themselves and report and take action against online distress.

In this era of social media and gaming, where children dwell the most, it is of prime importance to educate netizens about ‘Being Responsible Netizens’ and to accomplish this mammoth task we need your valuable support. We Ahaan Foundation desire to take this movement across all schools over Maharashtra.

We appeal to you to join us in this collective drive to build a cyber safe world for our children and ourselves: We seek your support through donations for this Nobel Social cause. We assure all our donors that their contributions would convert schools into being cyber smart and cyber safe. All donors would be benefitted with a 80G Certification that provides tax exemption of 50 %.

"Child Online Safety is every Child right and every Adults Responsibility”; therefore, as citizens or guardians of our children it is our duty to provide every child his right to be safe and so fulfill one of our responsibility towards them.

• Minimum donation of Rs. 1000 per individual
• Donations for our programmes are as follows:

1. 1 Workshop on Being Responsible Netizens in a school: Rs. 3500 for a workshop with 150 to 200 Students

2. Adopt a School: Rs. 10,500 for 3 workshops in a school (2 sessions for students of grade 5 to 10; 1 workshop for parents)

Note: Donor’s would receive an 80G receipt against their donation. Ahaan Foundation would ensure due credit and visibility to our donors on our website and social media platforms. Donors adopting an entire school would be invited to attend the programme. Donations would be accepted in cheques or through online transfer. Cheque shall be drawn in favor of “Ahaan Foundation”

Donations are exempt from 50% tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.


80G CERTIFICATE NO: CIT(E)/80G/2680/2017-18

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Bank - Axis Bank (Branch Shivaji Park, Mumbai

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PayTM: +918433701077
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