THE MOVEMENT RESPONSIBLE NETISM : The movement is aimed at enabling children, youth and adults to put the virtual world in perspective such that they fully understand its comprehensive and cumulative impact thus become responsible in their presence and conduct on the World Wide Web so as to protect themselves from internet abuse or threats thus promote cyber safety and security.

A STEP AHEAD : We owe our success of having empowered over 1 lakh children youth and adults and winning the Best E- NGO award at the Manthan South West Asia Awards 2014 to all the people who supported our cause.

This belief has enabled us to widen our sphere of work. Along with cyber safety, we now aspire to empower people with technology to build connectivity and transform their lives through Digital knowledge. Drawing inspiration from the Digital India Campaign, we take pride in launching the project – "Digital and Safe Thane City", with the vision to make Thane city to become the first digitally literate and cyber safe city of the state.


Project Digital and Safe Thane City aims at forming a cohesive collective of likeminded eminent individuals representing various sectors within thane, striving towards building a cyber safe city.


Making online safety a basic human right


To create a platform to build information security and promote cyber rights of citizens