How we do, what we do?

Since academia plays a crucial role in impacting and developing children and youth, the movement RESPONSIBLE NETISM runs various programmmes with the support of the local law enforcement and the Ministry of Education to educate children, youth and parents about cyber wellness. We conduct customized age-appropriate interactive sessions focusing on highlighting psychological impacts and legal implications of irresponsible online behavior and provide technical tips to secure gadgets to enable constructive use of technology, promote online safety and responsible online behavior. We also run a helpline to address issues related to online distress. Cases reported to us are referred to the law enforcement for legal aid or for psychological support and guidance.

Impacts of Intervention

Tabled recommendations for policy change to the Rajya Sabha Committe

Tabled recommendations to Maharashtra Cyber on Online Game Rating Guideline

Educated 11+ Lakh children in Maharashtra

Sensitized 4+ Lakh Teachers in Maharashtra through MSER

Onboarded as Knowledge Partner by NCPCR, MSCW and National Scientific Research Committee for Internet Addiction

Provided legal and psychological guidance to over 5000+ distress calls and case

What we do


Education and age appropriate awareness programmes

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We provide legal guidanceand psychological support

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We conduct research to substantiate our work, its impact and the need for intervention


We table our finding and recommendations for policy change. We train organisations as online child protectionists

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