Connecting with People

Global Exposure

Creative Expression


Promotions and Branding

Social Campaigns

Internet overuse can lead to sedentary lifestyles

Weight gain and a decline in physical fitness

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, dry eyes, migraine headaches

A decline in personal care and hygiene

Stiffness in the neck and tension in the upper body

Lower back ache and problems related to the spinal cord

Stiffness and numbness in the fingers especially

Redness and watery eyes

Weak eye sight, dizziness due to constant exposure

Accidents and loss of life while using gadgets at dangerous locations
Severe sleep disorders

Frequent mood swings

Severe Anxiety

Panic attacks


Suicidal tendencies

Withdrawal symptoms

In extreme cases or addiction leading to self destruction or suicide
Excessive use of the internet to lead to INTERNET ADDICTION

Leads to isolation and social disconnect

Self–obsessed younger generation, extreme attention seeking behaviour

Develop low self esteem owing to lack of popularity

Loss of private space

Breeds attention seeking behaviour

Promotes the virtual world than the

FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out

Severe anxiety of disconnect

Selfitis – an obsessions with selfies

Anxiety of disconnect

Nature deficit

Poor inter and intra personnel communications skills