In Case of Crisis

1. Any unauthorized transactions done through credit / debit card, or in case of loss of credit / debit card.

• Store the banks 24x7 helpline number.

• Call the bank to verify and inform about the unauthorized transaction.

• Note the customer care executive’s name.

• Block the card to avoid further misuse.

• Submit a letter or e-mail to the branch regarding the same.

• Give a written complaint to the police station whose jurisdiction you falls under.

2. If you fall a prey to lottery frauds or Nigerian scams.

• Never reply to such messages, calls, e-mails. They are fraudulent.

• If you have unfortunately fallen a prey to any of the above, do not delete it. Save screen shots or images of the mails, messages take a print out.

• Give a written complaint to the police station nearest to you along with above evidences.

3. In case you receive obscene, threatening content (photos, pictures, abusive words) through message or e-mail or on social networking profiles.

• Do not panic and delete the content, take a screen shot of the page

• Save the content is in the form of a sms.

• Inform an adult especially parents, if you are a minor and seek their help.

• You could report abuse on facebook if the content is objectionable.

• Write a complain to the nearest police station, attach evidences of the message or content ton hard copies, provide website links of the content.

4. In case your profile or account is hacked?

• In case of a minor, inform your parent.

• Try accessing your account using the “forgot password” technique.

• If it is a social network profile, report abuse.

• If an e-mail, access the email through your alternative e-mail account.

• Write a complaint to the nearest police station providing evidence.

5. In case you are being cheated by a matrimony site:

• Write a complaint to the matrimony site

• Save evidences of harassment or abuse of any form

• Write a complaint to the nearest police station