Santosh Jois

Santosh has done his formal studies in OD from ISABS. He is trained in the theory and practice of leadership development, Executive Coaching, NLP, Six Sigma and Malcolm Baldridge equivalent model of IMCRBNQA in India and comes with a solid understanding of diversity and inclusion, having worked in London, Hong Kong and attended a scholarship program in Japan. He is currently involved in a strategy building exercise with his Indian client having operations in U.K. Besides “TransformAction”, his other two business interests are equally diverse. First, he is an associate OD practitioner with Sullivan Transformation Agents ( and brings Whole System Transformation (WST) to Indian organizations. Second, he is a founding partner in “Temp-Let HR Consulting”, which assists organizations in 3 important spaces viz. Executive Search, Permanent Recruitment, RPO & end to end management of temp staff. Forging hands with the best in the industry, Temp-Let combines the people-centricity of HR with the rigor of science.

For more information, you can reach him on [email protected]

“Every intervention and growth spaces in an organization, team and individual context are designed to be experiential, practical and sustainable.”

To help sharpen this acumen on a continual basis, Santosh actively pursues urban #micro-farming, #composting and #Butterfly gardening in the maximum city of #Mumbai. The learnings from #Nature are re-invested to sharpen his observation skills and towards making “sustainable shifts” in organizations.