Tips for Adults

• Use shared gadgets with younger children, keep gadgets in open, shared rooms

• Learn understand and talk about online threats with your children Educate children about receiving vulgar, offensive or abusive emails or facebook messages

• Adults, be digitally literate and befriend technology

• Do not respond to calls, mails, smses, related to lottery, job offers.

• Secure social media profiles by following privacy and security settings

• Check for “https” trusted and secure sites

• Do not give banking details online; do not store them in your phones

• Do not share defamatory, inappropriate abusive content pictures, videos online

• Avoid accessing and banking transactions from cyber cafes, unknown devices

• Use separate passwords for multiple accounts

• Always LOG OUT of your accounts

• Install licensed firewalls, security software’s and parental control

• Place Wi-Fi routers centrally, define its range and change passwords regularly

• Turn Wi-Fi and blue tooth off when unused

• Stay away from free Wi-Fi

• Do not befriend children under 13 on social media

• Understand consequences of IPR’s and Copy writes

• Review the content of online games for children on