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Why Responsible Netism?

Information, education, communication, E-commerce and services are the biggest advantages of the internet. The internet has tremendous potential and has changed the lives and perceptions of people especially children in multiple ways. It is certainly a boon in many different ways, but, is also a “NECESSARY EVIL”. It is extremely useful and valuable for growth development and empowerment, its impact also has certain disadvantages which cannot be ignored. It is therefore of prime importance to sensitize netizens (net users) about the impact of internet usage and social networking. The movement “Responsible Netism” aims at empowering people about online safety, thus promoting Responsible Online Behaviour.


The Internet is an enormous carrier of various information resources and services. The Internet is where people are spending the greatest amount of time online for social interactions; it appears that socialization is what makes the Internet so “addicting.” The Internet access points specifically gadgets have become an indelible part of the communication infrastructure today

Responsible Netism for Cyber Safe City (RNCSC)

The Internet, now the so-called "ADDA", where people spend greatest amounts of time online for social interactions, it would appear that socialization is what makes the Internet so "addicting." The impact of the internet is widespread and people are beginning to live in the virtual world. Ahaan Foundation in association with the CYBER CELL and EOW of Thane & Mumbai Police take pride in launching the movement of "RESPONSIBLE NETIZENS" within Maharashtra. Through this movement we plan to reach out to educational institutions, Government and private firms, banks, residential complex's and empower them to live a cyber safe life. This movement is aimed at enabling youth and people to understand the pros and cons of the REAL and the VIRTUAL world; thus take responsibility of their actions while on the World Wide Web and prevent themselves from internet abuse or harassment.