Workshop – Mental Health Professionals As Cyber Care Givers

Project Responsible Netism is the only nonprofit initiative within the state launched by Ahaan Foundation to promote cyber wellness and responsible online behaviour among children and adults. Having successfully sensitized 8.5 lakh children and adults within over 800 schools since inception, we have realized that children are the most vulnerable users of the internet while their parents being inexperienced and unprepared are unable to deal with online distress.

Cyber-hype and rumours about games like the blue whale have caused tremendous chaos and panic among children and adults worldwide. We believe that the role of care givers in the field of mental health is extremely crucial in protecting children from further damage. The hype has unfortunately shown results, building curiosity, accepting dares, proving to the world about their strength and courage by inflicting severe self-harm under the pretext of online challenges. The situation is indeed extremely alarming hence needs intervention. Mental health professionals need to gear up to address issues concerning children’s psychological well-being in the digital era.

Team Responsible Netism hosts a half-day workshop called Mental Health Professionals as Cyber Care Givers, to empower them with strategies to overcome this digital mayhem.

Date: Thursday September 21, 2017

Time: 10 to 1 pm

Address: Gulmohar Road, Near Mithibai College, Vile Parle West, Mumbai – 400056

Participants profile:

  • Practicing Mental health professionals,
  • Social workers,
  • Educationists
  • Heads of educational institutions          

To build a 360-degree perspective on the issue and have invited the most competent speakers from the field of law enforcement, mental health and cyber forensics to enlighten participants.


  • Dr. Harish Shetty – Renowned Social Psychiatrist – handling online distress
  • Mr. Akbar Pathan – D.C.P. Cyber Crime Mumbai – building support systems
  • Mr. Sumeet Rathod – Cyber Forensic Expert – Understanding the gaming world
  • Mr. Sanyog Shelar – Cyber Forensic Expert – Technical preventive measures
  • Team Responsible Netism

We sincerely look forward to your valuable support and guidance to collectively build concrete action to protect our children from online threats.


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